"Promoting construction excellence through                     


                                  constant attention to the details"



At Municipal Builders, Inc. we take great pride in our work and it shows in our superior craftsmanship.  We have received awards in recognition of our outstanding construction.  Several articles have been published mentioning MBI and jobs that we have completed.


ABC Merit Shop Award of Excellence

This award recognizes exceptional construction projects built by contractors in Minnesota and North Dakota.

ABC STEP Award - Silver

In 2007 and 2012 ABC of Minnesota partnered with OSHA of Minnesota to decrease serious injuries, illnesses, and fatalities while improving safety in Minnesota.  The STEP award recognizes our silver level of achievement and ongoing efforts in development of a quality safety program.

STEP Award

ABC National Excellence in construction

This award recognizes outstanding performance by merit shop contractors.  Projects are chosen based on the complexity, attractiveness, unique challenges overcome, completion time, workmanship, safety, and cost.

MBI received this award for our work building Water Treatment Plant #1 in Blaine Minnesota.  This project stood out from others because of heavy rains destroyed the footings and walls as well as challenges arising from the installation of an air stripping tower to remove groundwater contaminates.

MBI received a second Eagle Award in 2013 for our work building the Water Treatment Plant #6 in Edina Minnesota.  WTP #6 was designed to use four air strippers to remove vinyl chloride from the Well No. 2,7,& 15.  This project was built inside an existing parking structure which created many challenges from height restrictions to unknown sewer and water lines within the parking structure. 


Treatment Plants Improve Water Quality
Construction Bulletin                                September 2006               Article

To facilitate a growing community the City of Blaine needed to build a water treatment plant to replace treatment that was previously done at each well site.  Some of the wells were found to be contaminated with volatile organic chemicals.  These chemicals created a need for an air stripping tower that would remove them....

Concrete Today         
Engineering News Record                        November 2007           Article

Municipal Builders, Inc. needed an easy to use forming system to construct a 33 foot tall groundwater storage tank with a radius of 39 feet and architectural detail.  Standard forming practices would not work for this project so they chose another option, the flex-form forming system. The advantage to this system is that it comes with the radius built in....

A Tall Drink of Tap Water                                  
Construction Executive                             August 2008              Article

Every year 11billion is spent on bottled water which costs cities 70 million a year in dumping and incineration fees.  Several cities across the country including Minneapolis are trying to reduce these numbers and therefore cut the spending associated with it.  With the cost of bottled water being as much as 4,000 times more than tap water, and often times tap water is just as good if not better due to water regulations that are stricter than the FDA's....

Construction Today                                         
Municipal's Specialty Niche                           September 2008      

Municipal Builders, Inc. has created a great reputation for building water and wastewater treatment plants.  Their modest size gives them and edge over larger competitors through smaller overhead and hands on management.  Most of the work they do is publicly funded and is therefore competitive bid.  Anticipated legislation could allow for more projects to be design build  which MBI believes would give the owner a better value.....

Water Plant built in a Garage                                        
Construction Bulletin                                        June 2012      

As with many suburbs across the country, Edina, a Minneapolis first-ring suburb, needed a new water plant to replace an aging plant that closed an a plant that is closed temporarily to remove vinyl chloride, a harmful chemical from plastic, in the well......

Excellence in Construction Awards                                         
Construction Executive                               March  2013      

Municipal Builders, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in the municipal market in Minnesota for the past 19 years.  Our company motto "building better projects through attention to the details" is something we pride ourselves on  Constructing Water Treatment Plant No. 6 for the City of Edina, MN within the lower level of an existing parking structure was a testament to our attention to the details.....